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After a week I’m still not entirely sure about finding time to write this blog, but seeing the excitement on my husband’s face at being able to be at work and ready about mine and H’s day gave me some push to try and do it.

It’s been a rather busy week the last seven days… at this time last week we were on the last leg of our journey to the Scottish highlands to attend the loveliest wedding I have been to. As we hit the highlands the beautiful scenery was breathtaking. We sat in the car pointing out features of the landscape to each other, H was soundly asleep in the back (as he had been for most of the journey with the add Dada in between) and I found myself relaxing for the first time in a while.

Seen as we were camping, after my husband’s 10 hour drive there was the tent to put up, which amazingly didn’t take long. Then we settled down for the afternoon and off R went straight to sleep, the weather was cloudy but very hot and so me and H set about walking around our little camping patch, grass under our feet stopping every now and again to see long spiky grass or a butterfly whizzing past. All of this fascinated H, probably because at the moment our patch of dead grass we call the garden is not a baby friendly place!

I then decided to do what was to become my worst camping idea ever… oh yeah it’s easy to bath a baby in a bowl in a tent on your own when he is the wriggliest worm ever!! I found the answer is no it’s actually very difficult with lots of crying and screaming and kicking. However once that was over we made dinner and went to bed.

Next day was the day of the wedding so we got up early and got ready,  first we went for a little drive and came across lots of seals basking in the sun awesome sight!,

Then off we headed to the cathedral where we witnessed the best vicar I have ever seen. She put a certain something into the wedding ceremony that made it full of love and happiness and about two people wanting to spend their lives together.  H was lovely, hardly made a noise during the whole ceremony although R was hoping for an embarrassing situation where the vicar asked if anyone objected to the marriage and H said ‘Oh yeah’ (which he learned from goodness only knows where!)

After the church there was a lovely lunch and then an evening reception both were amazing, a credit to the bride. So we went back to the camp site happy.

Next day even with the impending pouring rain we journeyed to John O’ Groats, the journey was mainly driving through clouds and the good old British weather didn’t let us down when we got there either after a rather wet photograph, we headed back to the car to dry off. Another amazing day!

The journey home was beautiful but not easy and after 8 hours of driving we decided to split the journey into two although the trip down Loch Ness was wonderful! As were the many wind farms we passed.

We finally arrived home mid day Tuesday and off to work my husband went, I’m always sad to see him go to work in the mornings but after such an amazing weekend there was an extra sadness to going back to our usual routine.

Not long until our next adventure though