New arrival


Logan Mitchell arrived one and a half weeks ago on a warm summers afternoon into the pool at the birthing centre… not the birthing centre we had chosen for his birth but a lovely room.

I spent two weeks in latent labour having hours of contractions on some days which came to nothing… but in the end he chose his time to be born. At 9am my contractions started, at first I didn’t believe that it was the real thing but slowly I realised that I needed to start making plans. I phoned for my husband to come home from work at around half ten, when he arrived my contractions stopped but slowly they picked up again, I was still able to do things through them and so had some lunch and relaxed bouncing on my best friend of the last few weeks, my birthing ball.

I phoned our Doula and when she arrived again they stopped so we had a drink and chatted however not long after 4pm my waters broke and things progressed quite quickly. My husband phoned the birthing centre to be told that they didn’t have enough staff and we would have to attend another birthing centre, by this point I didn’t mind where we went as long as they had a pool and it was ready when we got there.

We got in the car at around four thirty and with it being a half an hour drive to the birthing centre I soon realised that it was going to be the worst journey I had ever done. Our doula followed us in her car and told my husband that if I needed to push while we were on our way he had to stop the car.

Whilst on our journey to the centre I started to panic, I didn’t want our little boy to be born by the side of the road or on the back seat of the car or in an ambulance. I spent the whole journey trying not to push with my husband reminding me that I had to breath. The car had a bit of a battering from me but eventually we got there.

As I got out of the car after another contraction hit but I knew it was not far to get to the pool, when we got in the birthing centre the pool was ready and waiting and I soon slipped into the water.

I had always imagined having a water birth that the pain would ease as you stepped into the pool but I was so panicky from the car journey that it didn’t help that much with the contractions and I still felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. I remember everyone saying that I needed to take deep breaths but I couldn’t, I could barely take small ones. Just as I was saying for the hundredth time that I couldn’t do it and I wanted to go home I realised that I was still stopping myself from pushing. Once I started to push the pain of the contractions was reduced so much I could suddenly focus, it was as if someone had lifted a big cloud and I could see once again. I focused on my husband and Logan was born not long after. The moment the midwife said would you like to collect your baby I looked down and saw him in the pool and realised I had done it!

The next few hours were blissful! We had a cup of tea and sat with our littlest.

Although I’ve been achy the last few weeks have been lovely, our eldest has been a lovely big brother (even if he has become a little more cheeky) he is kind and caring towards Logan who is showered in kisses and cuddles all day.

We are now a family of 4!!


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