Time passes so quickly!


So then I did pretty much know that I was going to have to work at remembering to write this blog… but really didn’t expect to see the last time I had would be October. Oh how time flies! I would imagine it has gone so fast because of the news we had just after, our second baby is due in June!!

The time just seems to have rushed by not letting me catch up for a second but I guess that’s what happens when you are running around after a 1 year old (although these days it feels more like I’m waddling sometimes).

There are so many lovely and wonderful things we have done over winter, splashing in puddles, climbing wooden dragons in the park, learning new words and of course walking which has been amazing to watch. Harrison has taken a real interest in painting recently and I am trying to introduce lots of new ways to paint, so I have let me master the paint brush and hand painting so far but next stop is big splatter painting in the garden over spring and sponge painting.

I love watching him doing new things and learning new skills the expressions and noises he makes when he enjoys something is funny but so enjoyable to watch… his favourite sound of the moment is ‘ooooooo’.

I cant wait to see what he chooses to learn next!


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