Monthly Archives: October 2013

A walk in the park…


Throw out the cobwebs is usually a term I associate with spring but the last few weeks even through my cosy, sleepy Autumn mood I feel like I need to get out more, walk more, get more fresh air, and this is how I felt when I woke up this morning, so today we went for a walk to the local park, we saw tall trees, listened to crunchy leaves and we saw ducks eager to be fed.

park 30th 

park 30th 2 

I think this feeling has partly come from our Steiner afternoons, I want to throw everything up in the air and have it land in a lovely daily/ weekly/ yearly rhythm which leaves us all with a secure feeling of what comes next. I feel that this is especially important for our son at the moment, this sense of rhythm to the day and more importantly to nature and to the changing season. I love autumn and always look forwards to it and I would like to mark that in some way.

So I have started on some season shelves, a wonderful idea from my husband that it should be on shelves, low enough for our little one to see but high enough for the moment for him not too reach (we are at the stage of trying to eat everything in sight, and I’m not sure I relish in the idea of taking him to A&E with an acorn stuck in this throat) So our lovely season shelf is full of different little bits and bobs that we have collected on our travels and also my new found love of craft. I’m sure my husband must be getting sick of finding tiny pieces of felt on the desk and needles in wait, ready to jab him at any moment.

Tonight we also had another romantic meal for 3, we have been alternating between having dinner with the lights on and having a candle lit dinner, the latter seems so lovely, there is a different mood in the air and it seems calmer.


So this months plan is to start a rhythm in our lives that makes everyone happy, to do more craft, to go on more walks and to enjoy our time together…. easy said!