Baking and teething….


Today began with some baking, H playing happily in the living room, occasionally coming to the gate leading to the kitchen to say hello, then going to play again. Yummy blackberry muffins today! muffinsI love baking, and cooking in general, the smell of baking in the air, the warmth from the oven on the back of my legs as I wash up on opposite side of the kitchen. I made a lovely cup of tea and then sat with H and had blackberry muffins for breakfast trying to decide what we should do today.


Little did I know what today was going to be like…

Everything was lovely until the teething monster reared it’s ugly head, H (and rightly so if he is in pain) became a grumpy, sad little boy within minuets. He screamed and bite me, then didn’t want a cuddle, then he went off for a little bit to play by himself and then came back give me a hug and a kiss as if to say sorry and then be ok for a few minuets before resorting to screaming again. I then realised that we had no teething crystals left and we couldn’t find H’s amber necklace. So we went for a walk to buy some more teething crystals, we had some lovely comments about our new baby hawk carrier and by the time we got home we were both tired.

The day carried on like this until daddy got home, then everything was calm for a while (daddy has a way of making this happen)

So today was a day much like every other chaos and calm rolled into one… hopefully tomorrow will be a calmer day…

(but I shall not hold my breath)





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