Monthly Archives: July 2013

Starting a blog!


So this is something I have been meaning to do for a while, I’m not even sure why really, not sure my life is interesting enough that someone would like to read it. However I am terrible at writing a diary and thought this might give me the incentive to write about of lives and day to day activities so I can remember and share them as my son gets older and so my wonderful husband can read about our daily adventures while he is working hard!!!

So our son had a slightly rough introduction to the world that I am still not sure hasn’t and won’t effect him in some way but I keep thinking all we can do is concentrate on the now. AS I write this he is 8 months old and very much an explorer. He is up and about, crawling, pulling himself up on the furniture and cruising along, he wants to explore the world and gets very frustrated when he realises that at the moment he is just much too small. His favourite trick of the moment is growling at people, random people in cafe’s… they say ahhh what a lovely baby and then he scrunches his face up and growls at them, I would love to know what he is thinking at that moment.

I am now officially a stay-at-home-mum, not sure how I feel about it (except I love spending time with him) but maybe ask me again in a few years. We are trying to parent as gently as we can, both for our son and the environment, but like all people we have our slip-ups.

So I guess that’s a small introduction into our lives and there will hopefully be more to come


(oh yes and hello daddy) e