New arrival


Logan Mitchell arrived one and a half weeks ago on a warm summers afternoon into the pool at the birthing centre… not the birthing centre we had chosen for his birth but a lovely room.

I spent two weeks in latent labour having hours of contractions on some days which came to nothing… but in the end he chose his time to be born. At 9am my contractions started, at first I didn’t believe that it was the real thing but slowly I realised that I needed to start making plans. I phoned for my husband to come home from work at around half ten, when he arrived my contractions stopped but slowly they picked up again, I was still able to do things through them and so had some lunch and relaxed bouncing on my best friend of the last few weeks, my birthing ball.

I phoned our Doula and when she arrived again they stopped so we had a drink and chatted however not long after 4pm my waters broke and things progressed quite quickly. My husband phoned the birthing centre to be told that they didn’t have enough staff and we would have to attend another birthing centre, by this point I didn’t mind where we went as long as they had a pool and it was ready when we got there.

We got in the car at around four thirty and with it being a half an hour drive to the birthing centre I soon realised that it was going to be the worst journey I had ever done. Our doula followed us in her car and told my husband that if I needed to push while we were on our way he had to stop the car.

Whilst on our journey to the centre I started to panic, I didn’t want our little boy to be born by the side of the road or on the back seat of the car or in an ambulance. I spent the whole journey trying not to push with my husband reminding me that I had to breath. The car had a bit of a battering from me but eventually we got there.

As I got out of the car after another contraction hit but I knew it was not far to get to the pool, when we got in the birthing centre the pool was ready and waiting and I soon slipped into the water.

I had always imagined having a water birth that the pain would ease as you stepped into the pool but I was so panicky from the car journey that it didn’t help that much with the contractions and I still felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. I remember everyone saying that I needed to take deep breaths but I couldn’t, I could barely take small ones. Just as I was saying for the hundredth time that I couldn’t do it and I wanted to go home I realised that I was still stopping myself from pushing. Once I started to push the pain of the contractions was reduced so much I could suddenly focus, it was as if someone had lifted a big cloud and I could see once again. I focused on my husband and Logan was born not long after. The moment the midwife said would you like to collect your baby I looked down and saw him in the pool and realised I had done it!

The next few hours were blissful! We had a cup of tea and sat with our littlest.

Although I’ve been achy the last few weeks have been lovely, our eldest has been a lovely big brother (even if he has become a little more cheeky) he is kind and caring towards Logan who is showered in kisses and cuddles all day.

We are now a family of 4!!


Time passes so quickly!


So then I did pretty much know that I was going to have to work at remembering to write this blog… but really didn’t expect to see the last time I had would be October. Oh how time flies! I would imagine it has gone so fast because of the news we had just after, our second baby is due in June!!

The time just seems to have rushed by not letting me catch up for a second but I guess that’s what happens when you are running around after a 1 year old (although these days it feels more like I’m waddling sometimes).

There are so many lovely and wonderful things we have done over winter, splashing in puddles, climbing wooden dragons in the park, learning new words and of course walking which has been amazing to watch. Harrison has taken a real interest in painting recently and I am trying to introduce lots of new ways to paint, so I have let me master the paint brush and hand painting so far but next stop is big splatter painting in the garden over spring and sponge painting.

I love watching him doing new things and learning new skills the expressions and noises he makes when he enjoys something is funny but so enjoyable to watch… his favourite sound of the moment is ‘ooooooo’.

I cant wait to see what he chooses to learn next!

A walk in the park…


Throw out the cobwebs is usually a term I associate with spring but the last few weeks even through my cosy, sleepy Autumn mood I feel like I need to get out more, walk more, get more fresh air, and this is how I felt when I woke up this morning, so today we went for a walk to the local park, we saw tall trees, listened to crunchy leaves and we saw ducks eager to be fed.

park 30th 

park 30th 2 

I think this feeling has partly come from our Steiner afternoons, I want to throw everything up in the air and have it land in a lovely daily/ weekly/ yearly rhythm which leaves us all with a secure feeling of what comes next. I feel that this is especially important for our son at the moment, this sense of rhythm to the day and more importantly to nature and to the changing season. I love autumn and always look forwards to it and I would like to mark that in some way.

So I have started on some season shelves, a wonderful idea from my husband that it should be on shelves, low enough for our little one to see but high enough for the moment for him not too reach (we are at the stage of trying to eat everything in sight, and I’m not sure I relish in the idea of taking him to A&E with an acorn stuck in this throat) So our lovely season shelf is full of different little bits and bobs that we have collected on our travels and also my new found love of craft. I’m sure my husband must be getting sick of finding tiny pieces of felt on the desk and needles in wait, ready to jab him at any moment.

Tonight we also had another romantic meal for 3, we have been alternating between having dinner with the lights on and having a candle lit dinner, the latter seems so lovely, there is a different mood in the air and it seems calmer.


So this months plan is to start a rhythm in our lives that makes everyone happy, to do more craft, to go on more walks and to enjoy our time together…. easy said!

Baking and teething….


Today began with some baking, H playing happily in the living room, occasionally coming to the gate leading to the kitchen to say hello, then going to play again. Yummy blackberry muffins today! muffinsI love baking, and cooking in general, the smell of baking in the air, the warmth from the oven on the back of my legs as I wash up on opposite side of the kitchen. I made a lovely cup of tea and then sat with H and had blackberry muffins for breakfast trying to decide what we should do today.


Little did I know what today was going to be like…

Everything was lovely until the teething monster reared it’s ugly head, H (and rightly so if he is in pain) became a grumpy, sad little boy within minuets. He screamed and bite me, then didn’t want a cuddle, then he went off for a little bit to play by himself and then came back give me a hug and a kiss as if to say sorry and then be ok for a few minuets before resorting to screaming again. I then realised that we had no teething crystals left and we couldn’t find H’s amber necklace. So we went for a walk to buy some more teething crystals, we had some lovely comments about our new baby hawk carrier and by the time we got home we were both tired.

The day carried on like this until daddy got home, then everything was calm for a while (daddy has a way of making this happen)

So today was a day much like every other chaos and calm rolled into one… hopefully tomorrow will be a calmer day…

(but I shall not hold my breath)




The last month…


This month has been busy to say the least and we are all grateful that life will be slowing down now. The summer seems to have passed in a swirl of memories, mostly lovely memories watching our son grow up too fast. It started with crawling at 6 months and now at 10 months he is almost walking. There is so much to look forwards to, our first walk in the park together, our first walk on the beach but it also remains both of us that one day our little boy will be grown up so we shall make the best of now, every day is another day to watch his eyes light up when he sees something new.


Today it has been crisp autumn leaves on the ground rushing along outside our house, tomorrow I plan a walk to the park to collect these leaves and if we are lucky a few acorns and maybe a conker.


Autumn is my favourite time of year, the colours are spectacular, I love a crisp Autumn morning, the sun shining through the hazy mist creating romantic scenes in the country, reminding me of the more modern version of Pride and Prejudice when she meets Mr Darcy in the field at the end… It also reminds me of the coming cold weather and I look forwards to cuddling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and my knitting watching and countryside walks wrapped up warm while we watch our breath making shapes in the freezing air. Most people I know love summer, they love the heat and not having to wear coats… well I love the autumn and winter and of course then there is the one thing we are now allowed to talk about in our house for another 2 months…Christmas…….



After a week I’m still not entirely sure about finding time to write this blog, but seeing the excitement on my husband’s face at being able to be at work and ready about mine and H’s day gave me some push to try and do it.

It’s been a rather busy week the last seven days… at this time last week we were on the last leg of our journey to the Scottish highlands to attend the loveliest wedding I have been to. As we hit the highlands the beautiful scenery was breathtaking. We sat in the car pointing out features of the landscape to each other, H was soundly asleep in the back (as he had been for most of the journey with the add Dada in between) and I found myself relaxing for the first time in a while.

Seen as we were camping, after my husband’s 10 hour drive there was the tent to put up, which amazingly didn’t take long. Then we settled down for the afternoon and off R went straight to sleep, the weather was cloudy but very hot and so me and H set about walking around our little camping patch, grass under our feet stopping every now and again to see long spiky grass or a butterfly whizzing past. All of this fascinated H, probably because at the moment our patch of dead grass we call the garden is not a baby friendly place!

I then decided to do what was to become my worst camping idea ever… oh yeah it’s easy to bath a baby in a bowl in a tent on your own when he is the wriggliest worm ever!! I found the answer is no it’s actually very difficult with lots of crying and screaming and kicking. However once that was over we made dinner and went to bed.

Next day was the day of the wedding so we got up early and got ready,  first we went for a little drive and came across lots of seals basking in the sun awesome sight!,

Then off we headed to the cathedral where we witnessed the best vicar I have ever seen. She put a certain something into the wedding ceremony that made it full of love and happiness and about two people wanting to spend their lives together.  H was lovely, hardly made a noise during the whole ceremony although R was hoping for an embarrassing situation where the vicar asked if anyone objected to the marriage and H said ‘Oh yeah’ (which he learned from goodness only knows where!)

After the church there was a lovely lunch and then an evening reception both were amazing, a credit to the bride. So we went back to the camp site happy.

Next day even with the impending pouring rain we journeyed to John O’ Groats, the journey was mainly driving through clouds and the good old British weather didn’t let us down when we got there either after a rather wet photograph, we headed back to the car to dry off. Another amazing day!

The journey home was beautiful but not easy and after 8 hours of driving we decided to split the journey into two although the trip down Loch Ness was wonderful! As were the many wind farms we passed.

We finally arrived home mid day Tuesday and off to work my husband went, I’m always sad to see him go to work in the mornings but after such an amazing weekend there was an extra sadness to going back to our usual routine.

Not long until our next adventure though

Starting a blog!


So this is something I have been meaning to do for a while, I’m not even sure why really, not sure my life is interesting enough that someone would like to read it. However I am terrible at writing a diary and thought this might give me the incentive to write about of lives and day to day activities so I can remember and share them as my son gets older and so my wonderful husband can read about our daily adventures while he is working hard!!!

So our son had a slightly rough introduction to the world that I am still not sure hasn’t and won’t effect him in some way but I keep thinking all we can do is concentrate on the now. AS I write this he is 8 months old and very much an explorer. He is up and about, crawling, pulling himself up on the furniture and cruising along, he wants to explore the world and gets very frustrated when he realises that at the moment he is just much too small. His favourite trick of the moment is growling at people, random people in cafe’s… they say ahhh what a lovely baby and then he scrunches his face up and growls at them, I would love to know what he is thinking at that moment.

I am now officially a stay-at-home-mum, not sure how I feel about it (except I love spending time with him) but maybe ask me again in a few years. We are trying to parent as gently as we can, both for our son and the environment, but like all people we have our slip-ups.

So I guess that’s a small introduction into our lives and there will hopefully be more to come


(oh yes and hello daddy) e